BIO in Basel

The Regional Life Sciences Cluster

  • 900 companies, incl. 40% of the biggest pharmaceuticals in the world,
    >100 Mia USD global T/O and ca. 20 Mia USD in profit
  • 40 scientific institutions
  • 100‘000 students
  • 12 Universities and Academic Institutes
  • 11 Life Sciences Parks
  • 1‘000 – 2‘000 new jobs / year

Contribution of Life Sciences to Growth

Basel Area‘s USP

  • Bridging borders to Germany/France and serving as entry/exit point for centuries
    • Strong focus on the „outside world“ as 2/3 of the surrounding area is not in Switzerland
    • Openness as a prerequisite for a successful regional development
  • Exposure to non-domestic issues (tradition, behavior, people)
    • Ability to integrate (and establishment of appropriate forums)
    • Large talent pool for new ideas and industries
  • Reasonable size of the area fosters integration and interaction