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Annual Event of BioValley Basel and BioBAC 2018

BioValley Business Angels Club BioBAC and BioValley Basel Association have hold their annual event on Wednesday, 26 September 2018

State Counselor Lukas Engelberger has delivered a very insightful Keynote about “Challenges of Tomorrow: Impact of rising healthcare costs and aging population for Pharma and the Biovalley aerea”.
Three Start-Up Show Cases from the BioValley, one each from Switzerland, Germany and France have been presented:
• Ruben Herrendorff CEO and Founder will present Polyneuron, a spin-off of the University Basel
• Günter Roth CEO and Founder will present BioCopy, a biotech startup from Freiburg
• Richard Bouaoun, COO will present Defymed, a spin-off of the Strasbourg Centre européen d’étude du Diabète

All in all, this event was a great success and hope to see you at the next one!!